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Mediation is a voluntary non-binding method of resolving disputes. The parties in dispute try to find a solution by means of an independent and mutual third party. Mediation is an attempt to keep families out of the Court system. The Court system by its nature is adversarial. In the mediation process, the aim is to foster better relations where possible. Mediation can be used in employment issues/business providing people with the space they need to discuss and resolve differences so that productivity can be maintained.

Karen O’Donovan is a certified member of the Mediators Institute of Ireland. Karen believes in the principles of Mediation as a means of facilitating a conversation that must happen between a separating couple in an attempt to lead to a sometimes speedier and more cost-efficient method of sorting out difficulties that arise in relationship breakdown. Karen O’Donovan is also trained in collaborative law. The principles of mediation are equally effective in a business context.


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