O’Donovan & Co Solicitors is a member of the Mediators’ Institute of Ireland and promote and encourage mediation as a means to resolving family law matters. Please note the following press release from the MII which shows that mediation, when used, is very successful and no doubt ensures a less adversarial approach to problem-solving.

Mediators’ Institute of Ireland (MII) Highlights the Success Rates for Mediation Achieved by the FSPO

Financial Services & Pension Ombudsman (FSPO) 2019 published figures show that of the 1,399 complainants who received redress and/or compensation 983 of these were resolved through mediation.

Thursday, 2nd April 2020: “It is good to see figures for yet another year which have demonstrated how successful mediation is proving to be for the FSPO. 70% of the cases, where complainants received redress and/or compensation, were resolved through mediation. Success rates like these are building the reputation of mediation as a speedy, efficient, confidential and cost-effective process, which offers disputant parties the opportunity to determine the best outcome for them,” stated President of the MII Margaret Considine. Ms Considine was commenting on figures released yesterday by the Financial Services and Pension Ombudsman. *

“The fact that 983 complainants, of the 1,399 who had received redress and/or compensation, had their cases resolved through mediation by the FSPO in 2019 shows just how efficient mediation can be for the disputants and for state agencies involved in managing complaints,” said Ms Considine. “Indeed, Ger Deering, the Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman, is quoted as saying “We deal with complaints informally at first, by listening to the parties and engaging with them to facilitate a resolution that is acceptable to both parties. In 2019, we resolved 2,154 complaints through our Dispute Resolution Service using informal mediation methods.””

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