When people hear the word ‘Coaching’, most people think of sport. However, coaching can be applied to anything. You can be coached in getting a new job, taking up a new hobby, making a significant change in your life or through a relationship difficulty.

Positive psychological coaching very much focuses on the positive and the future. Unlike counselling, where a lot of emphasis is put on what has happened in the past and perhaps negative experiences such as abuse, heart-break or bereavement, positive psychological coaching can be liberating. There are different methods used for this type of therapy, depending on the coach and client but most methods are adaptable to many situations.

A popular format I have used in the past when coaching people is known as the GROW method. GROW stands for goals, reality, options and will. The initial stage in the process involves identifying what exactly the client desires, outlining specific aims and the time frame in which they can be achieved. Reality is about discussing the here and now, identifying what is happening and what changes can begin to be made. Options, explores what can be done to enable these changes and how things can be achieved. Finally, the will part of GROW is about making the changes happen, ensuring there is true desire and meaning in the goals.

A psychological coach not only helps a client identify elements of a goal and possible processes involved in making changes but ensures that these changes occur. Having someone to check in with on a regular occasion is a great way of being held accountable.

Large changes such as giving up smoking or not so big issues like asking your boss for a slight increase in pay are all things that a coach can help with. People often need guidance and encouragement to realise they have the confidence to go about making changes. Sometimes it takes someone external to realise something about you for example that habits can be changed.

While engaging with legal services, which can be challenging for many people, coaching could alleviate some of the difficulties. We have at our office the contact details of a positive psychological coach. If this service would be of interest to you, please contact our office.

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