Enhancing Efficiency in Ireland’s Legal Industry Through Artificial Intelligence


The influence of artificial intelligence (AI) has resonated globally in recent months. Responses range from enthusiasm and apprehension to indifference, leaving many in the legal sphere asking: what implications does AI hold for the legal profession? This question remains dynamic, constantly adapting in response to the ongoing development of AI. By examining how AI is, or could potentially be, implemented, one may gain valuable insights into what can be anticipated in the approaching years What is Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the Context of Law? In legal discourse, the term "Artificial Intelligence" or "AI" often arises, leading many questions potential definition and [...]

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Revision of Commercial Rates in Cork City and Cork County


The rates in Cork County and City Council are due to be revised in the near future.Each rate number with your local authority has a corresponding property number in the Valuation Office. Typically, the Valuations Office number consists of six digits whereas the rates number is a combination of digits and characters. They are not the same number.On a typical Cork County Council rate bill, the rate number appears on the top left-hand corner and in the box below you will note there are five columns. In the first and second column, the valuation is recorded (example €10.00). In the third [...]

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Notices of Termination – Less than 6 months


Tenancies Of Less Than 6 Months Duration And Required Notice Period. A matter of importance and which has been the subject of confusion for many landlords is the notice period required for short term lettings of less than 6 months. Many landlords have mistakenly thought that a tenancy of up to 6 months does not in fact require any significant notice period given that the tenant does not obtain security of tenure. If a tenancy was created after 10 June 2022, then same is a tenancy of unlimited duration. This means if a tenant has rented somewhere for 6 months [...]

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The Residential Tenancies Act 2021


The Residential Tenancies (Amendment) Act 2021 (the 2021 Amendment Act) was signed into law on 11 December 2021. An interesting reform brought about by the Act is that it provides for tenancies of unlimited duration. All new tenancies created on or after 11 June 2022 will become tenancies of unlimited duration once the tenancy has lasted more than six months and no notice of termination has been validly served on the tenant. This contrasts with the Part 4 tenancy which was created under previous legislation. A ‘Part 4 tenancy’ comes into existence after a residential tenancy has run for a period [...]

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