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Local Property Tax FAQ


Download Pdf. Do you have some questions about the Local Property Tax (LPT) - download and read the Revenues FAQ document.

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A Guide to Buying Property


1. Choose the Property you wish to buy. 2. Appoint a Solicitor to act for you in the proposed purchase of the property. Questions you may be asked on your first visit could include; how will the sale be financed? Mortgage or cash buyer; the amount of booking deposit paid to the auctioneer? PPS numbers? 3. On receipt of the booking deposit, the Auctioneer will prepare the Sales Advice Notice and will send it to the Solicitor for the Vendor. It should be noted that some Auctioneers do not send such an Advice Note to the Solicitor for the purchaser, so [...]

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A Guide to Selling Property


1. Are you selling through a private treaty or auction? Is there a Mortgage on the Property in Sale, if so you will need to give authority to your solicitor to take up the title deeds from that financial institution? This should be done at the earliest possible stage. 2. The Contracts will be drafted and sent to the Purchasers solicitors along with a copy of the title documents. What Title-Documents will be needed; an up to date Folio and File plan; Certificate of Identity; Certificate of Compliance with Building & Planning Regulations; BER Certificate & Advisory Report; Planning Permission. 3. [...]

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Local Property Tax


What is local property tax? Local Property Tax (LPT) is a tax payable on the market value of residential property which came into effect in 2013. All owners of residential property, including rental properties, are liable to pay the tax in accordance with the table below. Submit Not every Council in Ireland charges the same rate; a number of Local Authorities agreed to reductions in 2015 LPT rates ranging from 1.5% – 15%. Rates can be paid in a single payment or spread over a year. Failure to meet LPT obligations can result in Revenue enforcing a range of collection options [...]

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Divorce Drawbacks


Summary of article: “Survey shows impact of divorce on mothers”, written by Karen O’Donovan, printed in the Evening Echo on Wednesday, June 8th, 2016. Although Ireland has a relatively low divorce rate in comparison with other European countries, the number of parents becoming divorced is continuously rising. The obvious benefit of divorce for parents is the feeling of relief; however children can be crucially impacted when it comes to this topic. Following separation of parents, a lot of the focus can be on the distribution of assets among the parents involved and sometimes the fear and tension felt by children can [...]

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Sport and Law


Sport and Law are topics that are discussed regularly and often throughout our country. These 2 important aspects are becoming increasingly intertwined. Over the next few weeks, O’Donovan and Co. Solicitors will be putting together a survey in conjunction with the new UCC Sports Law Clinic and will we be asking your opinion on these matters. Meanwhile, some interesting issues have a risen regarding recent events in our country that relate to sports and law. I’m sure many of you are aware that the BT Young Scientist Competition took place in the RDS in Dublin last week. With almost 85,000 Irish [...]

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Sports Law Survey Results


During late January 2017, in conjunction with UCC Sports Law Clinic, O’Donovan and Co. Solicitors, based in Kinsale, Co. Cork, launched a survey entitled Sports Law. This survey made through “Survey Monkey” was available online for participants to complete by clicking on a link attached to an email or social media website. Over the few weeks the survey was available for people to take, 138 responses were collected from both males and females with the majority of respondents being in the age range of 19-30 years (37%) or 31-50 years (41%). The current status or area of employment of those completing [...]

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